Ugh, work.

I recently realized that I have a really strange laziness to ambitiousness ratio. I am an extremely ambitious person, I already have decided my lifetime goal. An executive of a respectable software company. I constantly go over things I want to accomplish and do. I want to make movies learn software, do random shenanigans. I constantly have something I want to accomplish.

The problem with have so many dreams is they require a lot of work. I seem to have more trouble with that than most people, and everyday I wonder why. In essence, work and play are exactly the same thing. The only difference is the connotation of the word. Work is hard grueling labor we do because we “have” to. Because it is “required” of us. And play is what we do when we don’t feel like working. Recently I have spent a lot of time “working” for fun. I look up code tutorials and try to learn them for fun. Just like I would try to learn soccer for fun, but also like learning physics for work.

Have you ever met a person who has no problem doing what is important for them to do. They have to do homework. No problem, they just do it. People say that they are just hard workers, and the people who procrastinate with homework are lazy. I don’t like those terms because they are so scolding.

I say work ethic genetic. Just like sports come easier to some people than others, so does sitting down for an hour and working your ass off. Just like there are factors that make people inclined to play sports, such as strong legs and natural endurance, there are factors that incline people to be hard workers. I believe I suffer a from the burden of being extremely distractible. I might start working on a math assignment, and then get distracted by my thoughts on working and post it to my blog. Most of the things I set out to do that aren’t necessarily fun, end up in me giving up and resorting to something else.

But I really did try to work. I sat down with the intention of finishing my homework, with full awareness of the consequences it would have on my future and tried to do it. But somewhere in that timeframe, I forgot. I tell myself that if I do want to succeed, I will need to get over this and start being able to crank out my homework in an hour, but maybe this is no different than telling myself I need to start being inclined to sports.


2 thoughts on “Ugh, work.

  1. Talking about this subject puts a laugh on my face!

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