The cards of life

My best friend, to my knowledge, has gotten into Harvard, USC, and Vanderbilt. When you hear someone attended Harvard, you instantly hold respect for that person. Both getting in and graduating require extraordinary amounts of intelligence and work ethic. Everyone is aware of that. Its like a gold star on your head that lasts forever. She get’s the star and I don’t. It’s not fair. One thing that gets to me about this world is that at birth you are handed the cards you will be playing the rest of you’re life, some people are dealt shit cards, and are forced to drive the city bus, barely making enough to pay the rent. Other’s are born for greatness, they will live successful lives, and easily get positions of power. There are people who could easily use a better attention span, or a wealthier family, but what you want means nothing in this world. A sad but true fact of life. I was born with a bad attention span. The disorder that this is classified as has become so trite, I refuse to spell it out. It is, however very limiting. I will never have what it takes to earn the gold star on my head because I can’t work through a task without getting distracted by arbitrary tangents several times. I will never be able to be as engaged in a conversation as I would like to me because other thoughts slow the intake. There are lists and lists of things I would like to do if I could just get through the first item. Certain things are hard for me but are easy for many other people. 

There are many facts like these we just have to accept. Fortunately, prowess is not a universal measure of satisfaction. Prowess is very limited, very few people can be on top and if being on top was, most of the world would live sad lives. Yes, everyone is dealt their cards, but life isn’t a card came. The difference is that once he cards are dealt, there are no longer any rules. No one wins and no one loses; all you can do is decide wether or not you are satisfied with what you accomplished when the game ends.


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